Your intelligent test prep companion

What we do

Slingshot is an intelligent, digital companion for students who are preparing for entrance tests, so they can maximise their chances of success to achieve their goals.

How we do it

By empowering students to take charge of their own exam success, through iterative learning with personalised, curated question banks, tools and self-assessment through analytics.

Our Vision

To empower the next generation of students to acquire the edge to perform better, be more confident and help them in getting closer to their educational and career aspirations.

Our Values

We believe in simplicity. We stand for honesty in communication and facts in research. We are analytical in our assessments. Inclusive and accessible for every student. Consistent in delivering success. Constantly innovating and evolving our methods. New Age in our thinking. And as hardworking and invested in exam success as the students we serve.

Our Origin

In our country, exams are the other word for dreams coming true. And those that appear for exams are only the epicentre of those dreams, a father’s expectation, a mother’s love, a family’s pride; it’s all attached to that result sheet. 

What this means could also be described in one word: Pressure. 

The pressure of expectation, pressure of society and between the burning midnight oil, and a million prayers whispered, the silent, studying souls find their hope of glory amidst pounding hearts and churning stomachs  

As they sit chanting for both preparation and a little divine intervention, Slingshot finds it’s place and space. To get into their lives and provide a little cocoon of confidence. Something that fuels their preparations, and adds a few ounces to their readiness and brings them closer to success.

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