For Students

Intelligent Test Generation Platform

Slingshot allows students to generate customized exam-aligned tests which helps them prepare at their own pace. Students gain complete access to subject-wise and chapter-wise tests, along with the resources they need to prepare themselves.

At the end of each test, Slingshot provides a detailed summary of their answers filtered by subject, question type, difficulty and more, for effective evaluation of strengths and areas of improvement.

Curated Question Bank

Designed for iterative learning, prepared by experts, Slingshot’s question bank is in alignment with the latest syllabus from NEET, JEE MAIN and more, including questions from previous years. Our experts take great care in preparing these questions by difficulty level. Every mock test on Slingshot allows students to simulate entrance tests in real-time to build their experience and confidence.

Learn. Practice. Analyze. Repeat

Along with providing subject-wise and chapter -wise questions and generating tests basis current skill levels, Slingshot gives students access to hints and references while attempting difficult questions. Basis their performance, Slingshot adaptive system guides students with personalized practice recommendations.

The platform also allows students to bookmark questions for last minute revisions.

User Friendly

Slingshot’s highly interactive interface design, instant scorecard generation, efficient feedback sharing and friendly support system makes the platform easy to understand and use. Slingshot is available online and offline, for mobile or desktop use, enabling students to appear for tests at a time and place of their preference.

Customized Test Series

Access real-time collaboration with your friends for group study and group practice tests. Get direct access and insights from top-rated professors and institutes. Amp up your learning with recommended learning plan based on mock tests.

For Institutes

Expand Your Offerings

Slingshot helps educators keep track of test prep trends. While you give your students a strong foundation in concepts like fluid mechanics to logarithms; Slingshot helps you with relevant, updated question papers for tests including JEE MAIN, NEET and more.

Your Competitive Advantage

There are more career paths for students to follow today than ever before. Partnering with Slingshot offers a complete learning ecosystem to aspiring bioengineers and nuclear physicists alike.

Reduce IT and Infrastructure Cost

In addition to our robust and customizable test-prep platform, each Institute gets 100 GB of free space in the Slingshot cloud to upload study material they wish to share with students. Our test-prep platform can be accessed on mobiles and computers, both online and offline, allowing for anytime, anywhere use.

Time Saving for Institutes

With Slingshot, institutes can invest more time towards coaching and preparing students with a strong foundation. You are empowered with student data that informs them about the areas of improvement for each student while our curated question bank provides an accessible way to generate customized exam-aligned tests.

Co-Branding With Slingshot

Institutes can widen customer reach and increase brand credibility by leveraging the Slingshot brand network and recognition.

Easy Accessibility

With Slingshot, institutes can reach out to their students anytime, both online and offline. This includes sending broadcast messages to all students as well as reaching out to them individually ensuring that they practice and prepare in a collaborative environment.

Real Time Performance Tracking & Reporting

Slingshot provides real time performance tracking of each student to the institutes. They get access to a summarized and detailed view of the student dashboards and preparation overview.  

The summarized view includes:

  • Number of practice tests taken by each student and their respective scores
  • Overall performance of each student including their strengths and improvement areas
  • Top performing students, and an analysis of those who need extra attention based on their scores
  • Student performance  reports, showing a monthly graph of students activity, including subject wise and chapter wise preparation

The detailed view includes:

  • Comprehensive report  for each test taken by students along with their scores, correct and incorrect answers
  • Student’s performance evaluation at subject level
  • Interface to allow professors to share the performance feed and comments with both students and their parents

Affordable Integration of Test Series within Your Business Model

Unlike the traditional methods  of chapter wise preparation, institutes can instead focus on tutoring and offload the test preparation aspect to Slingshot. They can leverage all the features Slingshot has to offer with a seamless integration of Slingshot into the current business model.

For Educators

One-window solution for high-quality practice tests

There is no single, consolidated question bank content repository for students, parents and institutes to rely on for practice tests. They often rely on tens and hundreds of past test papers, and local prep material that’s often of a low quality.

Slingshot offers curated and customised practise tests that have been vetted by experts and are designed for iterative learning.

Take control of your career success & choices

Slingshot’s digital platform will be unique compared to the competition – focusing on students’ overall career goals. Our mission is to provide not only the environment to practice high-quality practice tests, but also enable students to collaborate online and real-time with professors, other students, past students who have topped the exams. Singshot also offers access to books and other study materials at subsidized rates, scholarship assistance and career counselling.

Know yourself

With instant feedback and solutions for each question in practice mode get a sharp awareness of your strengths and weaknesses by chapter and subject. Get summarized and detailed solutions for each question in test mode. Monitor your performance with evaluation over a period of time. Get performance tracking with other students by college, city and region.

Maximise your chances of success

With an awareness of exam pattern and marking scheme raise your chances of clearing the entrance test of your dreams. Get practice and comfort with the challenges and difficulties faced in actual test scenario.

Get help, get a game plan

Access real-time collaboration with your friends for group study and group practice tests. Get direct access and insights from top-rated professors and institutes.
Amp up your learning with recommended learning plan based on mock tests.

Our Key Features

schedule-anticon Accessibility & Content

  • 24/7 easy & secure access through mobile app.
  • Look and feel of real entrance tests.
  • Thousands of questions with different difficulty levels.

notebook-simple-line-icons Rewards & Incentives

  • Students can earn points for every test they take on this platform, these points can later be used to redeem for different products like books, electronics etc.
  • Scholarships for top performers and underprivileged students.

shapeGroup Study & Q&A with Experts

  • Access group study, group chats, clarify doubts with your friends and/or your tutor in real-time.
  • Q&A sessions with toppers from previous years and industry experts.

books Question Bank

  • Thousands of distinct questions with varying difficulty levels prepared by industry experts with detailed solutions.
  • Students get to practice chapter-wise and subject-wise tests multiple times.

care Mock Test

  • Simulate the exam through the comfort of your home by attempting mock tests that mimic the actual test interface.
  • Practicing multiple times will help students to score better in their final exams.

check Performance Analysis

  • Detailed analysis report of student’s strengths and areas of weakness.
  • Summarized reports providing recommendations on areas/concepts that need more attention.